A Moment that Changed our Lives forever....

How this foundation got its start…

When Tyson passed away on May 26th, 2012 there was a huge heartache for all of us.  When it came time to plan memorial service we decided instead of flowers that would eventually wilt and die, we wanted to give back to Children’s Hospital of Omaha for the great care they gave Tyson throughout his treatment.

It was Tyson’s Grandma, Pam Moninger who came up with an idea.  We would ask people to bring Blankets, Toys and Stuffed Animals instead of flowers to his service.  Just as they did throughout his entire treatment, family, friends and total strangers filled North American Martyrs Church with support, prayers and donations.

The day after his funeral we loaded up 3 SUV’s full of Toys, Blankets, Pillows and Stuffed Animals and headed for Omaha. Once we gave donated all those items to Children’s Hospital and saw the impact it made, we knew what needed to be done.  Although Tyson may have left us physically, his warm heart and giving spirit will live on forever through the Foundation that bears his name.

All proceeds raised will go directly to keeping this foundation running strong.  It is our mission to help children and families in hospitals everywhere suffering from cancer and disease. We want to put happiness back into children’s hands just like Tyson was able to do!

About the Board Members

Liz Chambers

Liz Chambers

Co-Founder / Chairman / Mom

Liz is not only the Founder, she was Tyson’s mom.  Her passions are her children and art.  In addition to Tyson, she is the proud mother to two more Boys; Riley born in 2010 and Kyle born in 2014.  Liz is the driving force behind all the creative designs and social media for the foundation that bears Tyson’s name.  She works full time at Tyson’s Studio by Liz where she is a photographer for all of lifes moments. Find out more about her photography business by visiting www.TysonsStudio.com

Austin Chambers

Austin Chambers

Co-Founder / President / Dad

Austin is the proud father to both Riley and Kyle and was Tyson’s step-dad.  Austin first met Tyson when he was 4 years old.  Liz, Austin and Tyson all lived together for several years prior to Tyson’s passing.  Liz and Austin married in November of 2013 and have been busy enjoying the joys of home ownership together.  In addition to being a full time dad and co-founder of the foundation, Austin works full time at Duncan Aviation as an Airframe Service Sales Representative in Battle Creek, Michigan

JP on KX

JP on KX

Vice President

James or JP as we all know him, is the morning show host of KZKX 96.9 FM’s “JP and Lauren in the morning”. He first met Tyson in 2012 while Tyson was recording a commercial for the community blood bank.  JP, like everyone who had the chance to meet Tyson fell in love with him immediately. JP continues to be a champion for Pediatric Cancer Awareness in our community.

Danelle Gruber

Danelle Gruber


Danelle has been a close friend of Liz’s since 2007.  She first met Tyson when he was 3 years old and remained a close figure in his life until the end.  Danelle works as an independent hair stylist at Salon Avalon in Lincoln.  In addition to serving on our board, Danelle enjoys spending time with her husband KC and beautiful daughter Avery Ann born in 2016. 

Tyson’s Treasure Chests

Our mission is to put happiness back in the hands of children fighting cancer and illness.  We achieve this by creating large toy chests shaped like Treasure Chests and fill them with Toys, Blankets, Stuffed Animals and other items.  These chests are donated to select hospitals that treat Childhood cancer and disease.  All the chests are hand made by Liz and Austin Chambers.  They are constructed from solid oak and other hardwoods, stained, and sealed so they will last a lifetime.  Each chest is hand carved by Liz to ensure as much love goes into making them as will be received from them.

About Tyson

Who was Tyson you may ask?

Well he was one special little boy who captured all our hearts and taught us you get more out of life when you give to others.

Tyson Eugene was born on July 19th, 2004.  He was a boy who loved Husker football, sports and Jason Aldean.  More than his interests, he was a little boy who had a huge heart.  Take a photo walk and see just who he was.  When your done, stick around for a little video recap of Tyson’s final wish and the community that came together to make it happen.